Financial Advisory/M&A Transaction Services

Financial Advisory/M&A Transaction

We work with clients to improve their growth, cash flow and value for exit. In some cases, we have plenty of time to make improvements which will positively affect value for exit. In others, our clients are ready to sell immediately. Obviously, the less time we have (ideally you should begin planning exit greater than one year in advance, and plan on the sale process taking up to one year) the more difficult it is to move the valuation needle. In any case, we will work with you to identify the ideal and most likely buyers, and what they value most.

We will do all we can within our power and the time allotted to work with you on increasing the value of your company and develop bulletproof documents for diligence.

We now roll up our sleeves and help you find the right buyer on the right terms for your business. Most M&A firms don’t care for how much your company sells, but are only concerned with the transaction and accompanying fees. PHD’s business model usually allows for us to have worked together enough by now so that we understand every nuance of your company, its strengths and weaknesses for sale, and tailor the transaction to maximize your results.

We are all about what makes our clients happy. That could be employee retention, cash vs stock, family issues, etc.

We tailor the exit transaction to your needs, not ours. We also have close relationships with larger investment banks to work with us to represent you, if we jointly decide that it's best for larger deals. But don't worry: Even if we partner with another investment bank, we'll be with you every step of the way!