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  • The accounting profession is in a state of change. SMB clients are demanding more and wanting to pay less. New competition is fierce. So how does a small to mid-size accounting firm win in this new environment? PhD Advisors can help! We've developed three services where we help you generate more revenue, execute for your clients, build value in your firm, and then exit at maximum value.


Our firm helps you generate more revenue quickly and dramatically.

  • We are experts in the accounting industry

  • We offer 100% transparency and show you where and how we will market your business

  • We do more than just provide leads for you

  • We actually offer client contracts, which you can accept or deny

  • These contracts will help you generate more monthly revenue

  • We align our marketing strategies with your goals

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Our firm aids you by supplementing your strengths and helping with your weaknesses.

  • We have world-class, "Big 4" experts in bookkeeping, tax, accounting, finance, and management consulting

  • We provide white labeled "back office" and "advisory" services for your clients, such as tax planning, tax prep, bookkeeping and virtual CFO services

  • You will have direct access to those who will be managing and executing on your work

  • You can grow your firm as fast as you want without worrying about capacity

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Our firm can help you increase efficiency, profitability, and value for exit.

  • Your business will generate more consistent and profitable streams of revenue

  • You'll strengthen your client relationships

  • You'll lower your stress level

  • Your firm will realize more high quality profits, which translates into higher value for exit

  • It's a Win-Win for all!

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Our firm consists mostly of CPAs, accountants, and lawyers. We have many years of Big 4 experience, and we have successfully presided over and orchestrated many M&A deals. We know how to build firm value for exit. Please contact us at, or give us a call at 503-830-6582. You'll be glad that you did!